Leiden Internationals in Figures: Monitor Report Available

| Leiden International Centre

Despite Covid-19, Leiden is, and will remain, an international knowledge city. This is reflected in the number of Leiden residents with a non-Dutch nationality (12%) and in the increase in the various groups of internationals: knowledge workers, labor migrants, students and refugees. The Municipality of Leiden, in collaboration with Expat Center Leiden, has collected figures about these new Leiden residents and compiled them in a monitor.

Following the Internationalisation Vision of the Municipality of Leiden, which was adopted last year, the Internationalisation Monitor was recently published. This monitor not only gives policymakers and administrators insight into the location and departure of internationals in our city, but also, for example, into their living and working situation. The Internationalisation Monitor will be updated annually, but for the most up-to-date figures on internationals you can also visit Leiden in Cijfers.

Internationalisation affects all policy areas and therefore requires an integral commitment from the municipality in its facilitating and stimulating role and when it comes to service provision. The municipality is currently working on an implementation agenda with actions.

In addition, they are investigating together with Leiden University and the LUMC (from the Leiden Knowledge City partnership) a possible further development of the Expat Centre Leiden into an International Center that can serve a wider target group.The municipality also wants to use Leiden's 2022 year to put the city and its knowledge institutions on the international map.

Do you see other opportunities, bottlenecks or connections? Contact Laura Platte (l.platte@leiden.nl), task manager for internationalisation at the Municipality of Leiden.