Leiden International City: Leiden-Toruń twinning cities for 35 Years and International Choir Concert

| Municipality of Leiden

The cities of Leiden and Toruń have a twin city relationship since 1988. This year, the 35th anniversary is being celebrated, and various festive activities will take place during the weekend of June 8th-9th-10th. During the same weekend, Leiden English Choir (LEC) will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Come and join one or more of the activities organized for this weekend!

On Thursday, June 8th, the unveiling of a plaque dedicated to Joseph Wybicki, the Polish poet and writer of the Polish national anthem, will take place. He studied in Leiden for several years, and a plaque will be unveiled at the location where he stayed (Langebrug 57). Mayor Lenferink, together with the Consul General of Poland, Mrs. Katarzyna Smoter, will perform the unveiling. The day will be concluded with a festive celebration of the 35th anniversary of the twinning relationship at the city hall.

On Friday, June 9th, Ashley North and the Mayor of Toruń will unveil the tree in the Singelpark, a gift from Toruń. Around lunchtime, the Polish choir Astrolabium Leiden will serenade Leiden from the Koornbrug, followed by a carillon performance. In the evening, the choirs will be received at the city hall.

On Saturday evening, June 10th, the three choirs, Leiden English Choir, the City of Oxford Choir, and Astrolabium, will perform at the Hartebrugkerk. The theme of this concert is "To see a world," focusing on the relationship between humans and nature. For more information about the twinning relationships, please visit the Leiden-Toruń and Leiden-Oxford websites. Tickets for the international choir concert at the Hartebrugkerk can be obtained through the LEC website.