Leiden Helps Ukraine Fundraiser

| Leiden International Centre

At the moment, money in particular is needed. Giro 555 has now received over 106 million euros, but the need remains high! Many more fundraising actions will be announced in the coming period on the website www.leidenhelptoekraine.nl. In order to promote this website effectively and immediately raise even more money, a group of about 15 well-known Leiden residents and entrepreneurs has taken the lead with various initiatives. For example, in collaboration with the Marathon Office, a walk will be organized and we are working on a benefit concert.


A concrete initiative has now been launched. 10,000 blue/yellow wristbands with the URL of the website have been ordered. From Monday they will be sold through various outlets in the city. To hit some of our fundraising targets, we need you!

Please order a number of wristbands for employees or relations. The proceeds will of course go entirely to giro 555. For this purpose, a bank account has been opened by APEK Administraties so that everything runs transparently and the orders can be processed properly.

If you want to order wristbands, please email Els de Waard at els@verhalenderwaard.nl. State the number and your name and address /invoice details. You will then receive an invoice and the wristbands will be delivered personally.

For any questions Els de Waard can be reached on 06 – 55102480.

For individual sales, the wristbands can be found at bookstore Kooiker in the Breestraat and EDUARD on the Hooglandse Kerkgracht, amongst other shops.

We are happy to count on your support. Thank you very much!