Leiden Celebrates New Year’s Eve With Consideration for One Another

| Municipality of Leiden

New Year’s Eve must be a safe and festive celebration for everyone. Therefore, take each other into account and show consideration for people, animals and nature. On this page you can find information about New Year’s Eve in Leiden. A happy and safe New Year’s Eve and best wishes for 2024!

Setting off fireworks only on the 31st of December between 18.00 and 02.00

Setting off fireworks in places outside the firework-free zones is only allowed on New Year’s Eve between 18.00 and 02.00.

Firework-free zones

There have been firework-free zones within Leiden since 2015-2016. The experience with these firework-free zones has been positive.

Unsafe, illegal or unjust use of fireworks leads to major security risks. There is less danger, damage or disruption in firework-free zones. It is illegal to set off fireworks in these zones. Fireworks are banned in:

  • The city center (the area within the city’s canals)
  • The district around Leiden central railway station. This is the area between the railway, Morssingel, Rijnsburgersingel and Haarlemmertrekvaart.
  • All parks in Leiden
  • The public areas around the Oostvlietpolder
  • Animal area De Coebel/the park west of the Jacques Urlusplantsoen
  • The area around animal shelter Stevenshage
  • New this year: the Boerhaavedistrict

Banned fireworks

Setting off fireworks with category F3 and F4 printed on the label, is illegal. F3 and F4 category fireworks are for instance firecrackers, strings of firecrackers (such as Chinese mats), single shots, flares, Roman candles and baby arrows. These are all illegal.

Fireworks that are allowed  

On New Year’s Eve 2023-2024 it is allowed to set off category F1 and F2 fireworks. These are low-hazard fireworks, such as sparklers, pullstring snaps and ice fountains (category F1) and cakes, compoundboxes, glowing flowers and fountains (category F2).

Help clearing up

Please clear up the remains of your fireworks quickly. This prevents children playing with fireworks that can still go off. By clearing up you also help Leiden make a clean and safe start in 2024.

Carbide shooting also banned

Together with the ban on fireworks, Leiden has also imposed a ban on ‘carbide shooting’. In view of the hazardous situations and serious local noise nuisance that it causes, carbide shooting is banned in Leiden.

Wish lanterns

Chinese lanterns are also prohibited, because of their very high fire risk. They can easily be carried by the wind, for instance, and land in hazardous places.

A safe celebration

If you see someone ignoring the ban and setting off fireworks in your neighbourhood, or you think someone is in possession of powerful and illegal fireworks, you should inform the police immediately (0900-8844). You can also give information anonymously by calling M. (Meld Misdaad Anoniem; 0800-7000). More information about illegal fireworks –and fireworks in general– can be found on the vraag het de politie (ask the police) website (in Dutch).