Join Our Study on Highly Skilled Migrants in the Netherlands

| RegioPlan

RegioPlan is conducting a study plan to understand why highly skilled migrants choose to move to, or stay in the Netherlands. We focus on various factors influencing their decision making including:

  • Dutch Labor policies,
  • The country’s overall reputation,
  • Other social and professional factor.

We are interested in the highly skilled migrants from outside of the EU currently residing in the Netherlands.

This includes

  • Individuals with a residence permit for highly skilled migrants;
  • Recent graduates holding a residence permit for the orientation year;
  • Self-employed professionals;
  • And founders of startups in the Netherlands.

The insights gained from your experience and perspective will contribute to policy at making the Netherlands a attractive destination to for highly skilled migrants.

If you fit the criteria and are interested in sharing your experiences, we would love to hear from you!

Help us connect with potential participants by spreading the word. Spread this news with your network and encourage those who meet the criteria to reach out to us.

For additional information or to sign up for the survey, send a message to