Increased BSN Waiting Times

| Leiden International Centre

Everyone living in the Netherlands for more than 4 months is required to register within the Dutch Personal Records Database (BRP). Upon registering in this database, you will receive a social security number (BSN) which is unique to each individual. Possessing a BSN is necessary for numerous activities and services in the Netherlands, from opening up a bank account and applying for a job to registering at a GP and applying for benefits. 

Upon arriving in the Netherlands, you should schedule a BRP and BSN registration appointment within five days. You can make this appointment either at your local international centre or at the municipality. However, in busy periods the waiting time for appointments with the municipality can be up to several months, which is currently the case throughout the Netherlands. Expat Centre Leiden's BRP and BSN registration appointments usually have waiting times of less than a week, but at the moment there is a three week waiting period. This means that it's important to plan in advance so that you are able to receive your BSN in time to take care of other practical necessities upon arriving in the Netherlands.

For more information you can see our BSN and BRP Appointments & Registration page. To make an appointment, you can visit our Appointment for Registration page.