Highly Skilled Migrants May Temporarily Work Without Residence Document

| Leiden International Centre

In a business newsletter released by the Dutch Immigration Authority (IND) on the 1st August 2022, they have announced that a new temporary leniency has been implemented for highly skilled migrants who are not required to possess a provisional residence permit (MVV). If you do not require an MVV, then you may already begin working for a maximum of 4 months whilst you are waiting for your residence document, on the condition that you have received a notification (kennisgeving) that states you are able to do so. You do not require a Residence Endorsement sticker (verblijfsaantekening or VA-sticker) in this scenario. 

If you are a highly skilled migrant who has applied for, and been granted, an extension of your residence permit and are currently waiting for your residence document, then you can continue working with your expired residence document. 

The above leniency will last until, at least, 22nd January 2023, and is a temporary measure. 

However, once receiving receipt of the notification that your residence document is ready, you must make an appointment to collect it within 2 weeks. Please ensure that you are able to provide not only the evidence of the notification itself but also the appointment confirmation and, if it is applicable, your expired residence document. 

If you would like to read the original IND announcement (available in both Dutch and English), you can find it in their 1st August business newsletter.

For those interested, Expat Centre Leiden also provides more information on the MVV and visa applications.