Giving Is a Wonderful Thing to Do

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When we are on the doorstep of December we are probably a bit extra aware that not everyone is in the position to enjoy the holiday season. Some have medical needs, others experience financial difficulty or at least uncertainty about money and there are people facing challenges alone as they are by themselves, feeling alone. In this article we focus our beliefs about the Environmental, Social and (good) Governance in financial matters on contributing to an inclusive society and ask for compassion.

Even though we now and then seem to do a good job in organizing our society, not everyone can participate, or not fully. Fortunately, there are many, many charities making an effort to care for those in need. Everyone knows the global institutions like the The Netherlands Red Cross | Here to help | English Information (, Help kinderen in nood! - Save the Children - Word donateur and Steun ons en help mee - Voor ieder kind - UNICEF. There are thousands of local initiatives, some very Dutch and focused on outdoor children playgrounds Jantje Beton | Elk kind moet kunnen buitenspelen, elke dag!, some less known as HardeLeerschool ( where youngsters can get a second chance through rugby and putting in the effort to succeed.

Did you know non-cash donations[1] to recognized charities are tax-deductible? These are, and there are even possibilities deduct more than you actually give, provided you meet the criteria set out by the Dutch Tax Authorities.

We recommend you will also take a moment in the next weeks to support the work of these organizations mobilizing armies of volunteers. That way you will help realizing a more inclusive society.


[1] In total at least €60 per year or 1% of your taxable income and less than 10% of your taxable income. We have simplified the concept of taxable income for this article. There is difference for some taxpayers what the actual basis is for this deduction. Please let us know if you need other guidance than Zijn giften aan goede doelen aftrekbaar? (