For Those Affected by the Ukraine Conflict

| Leiden International Centre

Information for those affected by the Ukraine Conflict, including visa extensions for Ukraine nationals and initiatives in the Leiden Region to support Ukrainians.

Given the dangerous and unpredictable situation, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has relocated its operations in Ukraine to Jaroslaw, Poland, near the Ukrainian border.  

For urgent information, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly at any time at +31 247 247 247  

Information from Gemeente Leiden

Many answers to questions can be found on the website of the Council for Refugees or on the page of the national government. If you have any questions about Leiden, or if you have an idea/plan, please send an email to .

Ukrainian Nationals in the Netherlands:  

Ukrainian nationals currently in the Netherlands on short-stay visas can extend their stay by 90 days.  

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) is taking the current situation in Ukraine into account and is flexible regarding pending visa, residence permit or asylum decisions.  

Ukrainian nationals that have previously been rejected asylum in the Netherlands will not be obliged to return to Ukraine. 

For the most up-to-date information on how to apply for visa extensions and the Dutch government’s actions regarding Ukrainian nationals in the Netherlands please visit the IND’s site here.

The Red Cross has set up a WhatsApp helpline for Ukrainians that arrive in the Netherlands. You can record a message in either Ukrainian or English and you will get a response in that language. You can tell them what you need and where you are. The number is +31 6 48158053. 

On you can find more information on the help you need. From healthcare to housing, children to food, have a look at the website to see how the Netherlands can help you.  

Initiatives in the Leiden Area to Support Ukrainians: 

Community members in the Leiden region are participating in several initiatives to provide essential supplies to Ukrainian refugees.  

Leiden-area expat groups on social media are also providing information on community initiatives. 

Giro 555 has organized a national radio fundraiser on Monday March 7th. Information about the Ukraine conflict, future initiatives and other ways to help and donate was shared all day. "Leiden Helpt Oekraine" sells blue/yellow wristbands as part of that initiative. Learn more about how to get them here.    

Do you want to help Ukrainian nationals, but do not know where to start? You can call the "Informatielijn Oekraine" on 070-4455888 for more information on helping Ukrainians. 

Other initiatives in the Netherlands to deliver humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians can be found in this article by Dutch Review. 

Free calls to Ukraine

Wit a SIM card from our partner Lebara, anyone in the Netherlands can make free calls and texts to Ukraine. More details can be found here: Lebara: Free Calls to Ukraine