Five Tips for Surviving Corona-Spring 2.0

| Rooted in Calm

Most of us thought that with the start of spring 2021 we would be well past ‘new normal’ and properly reintegrated into normal life. However, at this moment, at least in the Netherlands, it feels a bit like Groundhog Day; not only are we having six more weeks of winter, every single day feels the same. The last year has brought the nuclear family closer than ever and we have all appreciated the slower more relaxed pace our lives have taken. Yet, those that live alone are not the only ones struggling with loneliness; even those that are surrounded by family are feeling detached and isolated. This prolonged period of separation from our old lives has taken its toll - 24/7 together time does not equal quality time and we seem to be turning inwards.

Five things you can do today:

  1. Reach out to that friend that normally reaches out to you - they will appreciate your initiative and feel looked after.
  2. Go green at home: buy some new plants or learn how to better look after your plants. Not sure where to start? Join the Leiden Plant Friends Facebook group!
  3. Enjoy Spring as it unfolds; new kids and lambs, stunning flowers, and dancing cows.
  4. Go for a cold plunge or, if you are brave, an actual swim.
  5. Forget a zoom party, throw yourself a pity party! Do exactly what you want, indulge in your favorite eats, watch a film you would never admit to.

It is a difficult time and there is no use sugar coating it; take simple steps to feel good about yourself and help others do the same.

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