EURES for Jobseekers

| Leiden International Centre

EURES is a collaborative network established by the European Commission in 1993 to facilitate fair and free movement of workers among the 27 EU member states, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. EURES also plays a crucial role in providing specific information for employers and cross-border workers in European border regions. In practical terms, EURES offers its services through its portal site and a network of approximately 1000 European EURES advisors who are in daily contact with job seekers and employers from all over Europe.

In the Netherlands, there are 87 UWV EURES advisors, divided into three teams: for employers, for job seekers, and for cross-border workers. In the Gouda, Leiden, and Zoetermeer region, Marleen Houtman is responsible for employer services, and Erika van Velden for job seeker services. Our services include:

  • Information, advice, and guidance on recruitment in Europe
  • Bringing together the right job vacancies and CVs on the EURES (online) platform
  • Extensive network (NL and EU/EER)
  • Additional focus on one or more specific countries if desired
  • Clear and up-to-date advice regarding the EU/EER labor market
  • Possibility of collaboration on projects

Job Seeker Services

Every European citizen can seek assistance from EURES when it comes to finding an enjoyable job. Contrary to what some may think, because UWV is our largest member, we are here not only for people receiving benefits but also for those without benefits who wish to live and work in another European country. We mediate for people of all ages and backgrounds and provide advice when needed.


To make the transition to another country a bit easier, job seekers can apply for specific compensations called the Targeted Mobility Schemes. These can include compensation for relocation, language courses, and reimbursement for costs incurred for job interviews in the Netherlands. SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) can also be eligible for an integration allowance under certain conditions.

Through online broadcasts, EURES provides insights by allowing employers and job seekers to share their stories. The broadcasts can be viewed at

More information on EURES' possibilities and services you can find onĀ and