Mazen Kara's English Workhop Guide to Sustainable Homes

| Municipality of Leiden

Leiden is becoming more international as one in seven residents have a foreign passport. According to a recent survey, these Leiden residents would also like to make their homes more sustainable. Mazen Kara dedicates himself to this target group by hosting a workshop on sustainability in English.

Mazen Kara organised this workshop in collaboration with the municipality of Leiden. About 20 Leiden citizens came to the town hall. "Everyone had so many questions, so the two hours were over in no time. For Dutch speakers, it was at times confusing as to where to begin and what options there were, so you could imagine how complicated it must have been for non-Dutch speakers. Fortunately, together with energy coaches Erfgoed Leiden and Solar Leiden, I was able to answer many questions."

Mazen will offer more workshops for internationals in Leiden who want to live a more sustainable life. For this, he will work together with Leiden International Centre and the Internationalisation and Energy Transition departments of Leiden City Council. Kara: "Our research shows that internationals are very interested in becoming more sustainable and saving energy. I am happy to help them." More English-language workshops will be given by Mazen this year.

To do so, he wants to know whether any questions arise. "If you fill in my questionnaire, I can tailor the next workshop even better to your needs. Leave your contact details in the questionnaire and I will invite you to the next workshop." Also share the questionnaire with people who may be interested in attending an English-language workshop.

You can also apply for an energy coach at Energiek Leiden if you want advice about your own home. An energy coach will help you with the basics or planning to achieve further sustainability.