End of an Era: Corine van der Ceelen Departs Leiden&Partners

| Leiden International Centre

After 8 years of working at Leiden&Partners (the parent organisation of Leiden International Centre), Corine van der Ceelen has left her role as Head of Business Development in pursuit of new challenges.  

Corine has been integral in developing Leiden International Centre into what it is today. In 2016, she was the sole employee of Expat Centre Leiden, as it was called then. She quickly built up a local and national network and developed the Centre's services to better assist internationals in the region. This came from personal experience, as before taking up the starting as the Centre's Manager, Corine had lived in Asia for seven years with her family. 

"I have done fantastic projects at Leiden&Partners (L&P), the Leiden International Centre (LIC) and Leiden Convention Bureau (LCB), been given many opportunities, been able to develop myself tremendously and had a lot of fun working and collaborating in the city and region" said Corine. 

By securing funding from our founding partners and expanding the team to three dedicated employees, Corine has ensured that the Leiden International Centre will continue to positively impact internationals, their families and their employers in the Leiden Region. 

We look forward to seeing where Corine's knowledge, talent and enthusiasm for new projects takes her next!