ECL Will Start Walk-In Mornings for Employers

| Leiden International Centre

Starting on March 24th, Expat Centre Leiden will be hosting a walk-in morning for employers every Thursday from 09:00 to 12:00 at the Leiden Bio Science Park.

As the European City of Science 2022, Leiden’s status as a destination for highly-skilled internationals continues to rise. To support employers of internationals, Expat Centre Leiden will be available for in-person consultations. 

We are opening our walk-in mornings at the Bio Science Park so we can be available in-person to any company who is looking for a consultation or information on the services the Expat Centre offers to international employees in the Leiden region.  

Bringing international talent to your company involves bureaucratic procedures that can be cumbersome and complex. We can help your company navigate this process. You may have questions that include: Which residence permit does my international employee have to apply for? Will my employee qualify for the 30% tax facility? What are the legal obligations of a sponsor? The Expat Centre provides answers to these questions as well as advice and assistance both during the hiring process and after your international employees arrive.  

One of our primary services includes registering local companies’ international staff with the municipality, allowing them to receive their BSN. We also connect newly established residents to our extensive local network of partners who offer services to internationals in a variety of sectors. In addition, our corporate and expat newsletters keep you updated on what's happening in the region and connect you to events for internationals.  

Whether your international employees need advice or assistance in banking, healthcare or education options for their children, the Expat Centre provides essential information to help your international employees integrate smoothly into life in the Leiden region. 

Our desk is located at BioPartner 3 on Galileiweg 8, room 3023.