(Dutch) language training available for your existing and future employees worldwide.

| The Square Mile

With most people working under restricted conditions, effective communication has never been more important, especially when communicating internationally.

The Square Mile provides language training for a variety of organisations at the LBSP and nationwide. One of the unexpected consequences of the current lockdown is that our organisation has gone global as our participants moved “back home” to be with their loved ones. We are currently teaching clients across Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and North America through videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams and Webex.

Do you have colleagues currently abroad who would like to improve their Spanish, French, Italian or English skills? We can help. Perhaps you have new colleagues who are still abroad but who will be relocating to The Netherlands as soon as possible? Then perhaps you’d like to help them and their families get started learning Dutch now through an online programme combining shorter lessons twice a week with e-learning. Finally, The Square Mile in association with BioPartner has opened registration for Dutch group courses for LBSP employees starting in September. Initially through Zoom, but hopefully face to face at some point soon.

Would you like to know more or follow a trial lesson online? Give us a call on 071 532 3356 or mail us at info@thesquaremile.nl