Dorpscentrum Oegstgeest

| Leiden International Centre

Dorpscentrum Oegstgeest is a place where people from Oegstgeest can meet each other. There are many different rooms available at Dorpscentrum, where a lot of different activities are organised. Think about book clubs, coffee mornings or music performances. This makes it the ideal place to connect with other people living in Oegstgeest.  

Do you want to meet other expats, but don't know where to start? You can organise a fun, social activity in one of their many rooms! Contact the Expat Centre Leiden by sending an email to to see what Dorpscentrum Oegstgeest can do for you to connect with the expat community in Oegstgeest.  

Because Dorpscentrum Oegstgeest organises many activities, they are always looking for volunteers. Being a host, taking care of the cash register at the small restaurant or managing the reservation system are just a few examples of the volunteering positions there. Dutch is not a requirement but volunteering here surely is a great opportunity to improve your language skills! Contact to see what possibilities there are for you.  

More information on Dorpscentrum Oegstgeest can be found on their website or their Facebookpage.

They are located at Lijtweg 9 in Oegstgeest.