Voting for the European Parliament as a non-Dutch Citizen

| Leiden International Centre

If you are an EU citizen living in the Netherlands, you have until April 23 2024 to decide whether you wish to vote in the Netherlands or in your country of origin for the European Parliament elections. You need to inform this decision to your municipality by filling out a form declaring your intention to vote for the European Parliament elections in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, if you find yourself unfamiliar with these procedures, there is also an instruction module translated into at least 7 languages that explains the steps you need to take to indicate your preference for voting in the Netherlands.

For additional information and detailed instructions, visit the website of the EU on how you can vote in the Netherlands for the EU Parliament elections, available in multiple languages. 

Registering with the Leiden Municipality

If you decide to vote in the Netherlands for the Dutch members of the European Parliament, then you must fill in the form below and attach a copy of your valid ID.

Your municipality will decide within 7 days whether you can vote in the Netherlands. To prevent voters from voting twice, data is compared with that of other EU member states. You will then receive your voting card a few weeks before the election.

Declaration voting European Parliament (model Y-32)

For more detailed information, please refer to the Leiden Municipality website.

Registering with the Leiderdorp Municipality

By filling out the form below you declare that you wish to vote in the Netherlands in the election for members of the European Parliament (and therefore wish to vote for Dutch members of that parliament) and not in the Member State of the European Union of which you are a national.

You can use this form until 23rd of April 2024 for the election of 2024.

Declaration voting European Parliament

Voting in European Parliament elections in the Netherlands

A voting pass (stempas) will be sent to you at least 14 days before the election. You must take the voting pass and your identity document to a polling station (stembureau).  

At least 4  days before the election, you will receive the list of candidates and a list of the addresses of the polling stations. 

Voting by proxy
If you are unable to vote in person, for example because you have to work or are on holiday, you can authorise another voter to cast your vote on your behalf (information in Dutch). This is called voting by proxy.