Composite families require extra attention

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More than half a million children live in a Dutch family where at least one parent has a child from a previous relationship. It is important to take a good look at this from a legal point of view. It happens daily that relationships between people end. Many people then get a new partner. Children are often involved. Children born during the previous relationship, but also children born during the new relationship.

Key question: What if.....

When we meet a composite family, an important question is always for us: What do you think will happen if one of you suddenly dies? Too often it turns out that, without additional measures, the reality looks very different from what the partners expect. We map the situation and advise how expectations and reality match again.

Will, inheritance, own children

Please consider this example. Peter and Sylvie enter into a relationship. Peter has a daughter Petra from a previous marriage. During the marriage with Sylvie, Annie is born. Petra and Annie grow up together as sisters and within the family (of course) no distinction is made between the girls. As a result of an illness, Sylvie dies. Sylvie and Peter never made a will. The estate must therefore be settled in accordance with the legal rules. These legal rules stipulate that Sylvie's estate goes to Peter and to Sylvie's child, Annie. According to the legal rules, Petra has no claim to Sylvie's estate.

Sylvie and Peter probably never intended this to happen. They could have prevented it by making a will. This will result in Petra and Annie getting an equal position if one of the partners dies.

Make sure you have what is needed....

It is just one example of something that should be looked at in a composite family. It is also important to know what was arranged in the previous relationship, for example is life insurance still up-to-date? Unfortunately, it is often forgotten.

We are advisers

Our job is to picture a situation together with our customers in which it is clear what the financial consequences are of possible events in the future. Together we will look at how the financial consequences can best be absorbed by taking timely measures now.