Branding and Brand Consistency: Why is it Important?

| Blue Ninja

Branding and brand consistency is not just about choosing the right logo and other graphic elements to represent your business. It goes along with customer experience and the way you handle both expected and unexpected circumstances that involve your brand.

To put it simply, branding is the way customers perceive you; it consists of well-thought strategies to make the entire business work. When you are developing your products and services branding needs to be factored into how your customers will perceive your business so when developing your business strategy it’s important to keep it in mind. 

However, branding alone is not enough – you need to be consistent in establishing a clear distinction that sets you apart from other brands, and therefore, be recognised. Consumers tend to recognise a brand easier when they get the warmest service possible, and the more they recognise you, the more at ease they become in purchasing your services.

Proper Branding Promotes Trust

The external factors of a brand, like logos and other visual elements, contribute to the way people understand whether or not a certain business is legitimate. These factors help in building trust among your clients. If you promise people the exemplary customer service you can offer, then even the way your staff answers a simple phone call or answers emails tells about how reliable your business is.

Proper communication between the brand and its customers influence your credibility as a whole. Branding doesn’t end with people’s perception of your products but also goes beyond the way you handle their complaints and queries.

Brand Consistency Prompts Referrals

People love to share about the brand and services they like. Word-of-mouth recommendations may be the simplest way to promote a brand you personally appreciate, but nowadays, everything else is easily expressed through social media. People use your products; wear them, eat them, use them and love to tell others why they love them. Personal recommendations can be done in just a few clicks and next thing you know, it is all over different online platforms.

It is hard to tell someone about a brand you couldn’t remember, especially if there is nothing special about it in the first place. When you offer such consistency within your brand, people recall about it in a snap. When you think of GoogleAmazonFacebook, you should automatically remember the logo, the colours, the style that goes with those brands. 

It Sets Customer Expectations

A positive and stable brand image allows customers to be at ease because they know what to expect every time they purchase something from you. If you have given them a satisfying service the first and second time, they are most likely to expect the same level of service on their next engagement, which is an essential part in their decision making.

You, along with your team and marketing tools, are all part of your entire brand. Problems are inevitable, but if your team received proper training on how to manage difficult situations, and eventually resolve the issue through attentive guidance towards the client, this may still have a positive impact in your brand image.

A strong brand does not only strengthen your position in the ever-changing market, it also guarantees future commitments and possible business expansion. If you spend a great deal of time and devotion in building a good brand image, financial returns may turn even better; and financial stability inspires people to do much well.

Where do you ask your customers to talk about you? If you’re not sure how to answer that question, we can help you map out your user journey and check how your brand is represented.