The Leiden Continuum depicts Leiden's rich and multifaceted history in 51 squares - an amount that will grow in the years to come. The timeline forms part of Leiden & Partners' marketing plan, and vision for 2025, and is available both online and offline.

For instance, on the wall at the VVV tourist office, you can see important figures such as Thorbecke, Einstein, and members of the Dutch Royal Family printed on wood, all interestingly tied to the city of Leiden. 

Behind each wooden square is a story to be told. Leiden History 101, takes you from the Siege of Leiden to the recently-established Singelpark route, teaching you about key figures and events that have shaped Leiden into the city we all know and love today. All of that in just five Chapters...

Leiden History 101

The figures, events, and inventions in the following Chapters are explored in a chronological way, however, each has a standalone explanation, meaning that the reader can jump from one topic to another completely based on their personal interest. 

  • Chapter I: Siege of Leiden, New Settlers, and Fine Painters
  • Chapter II: Leiden's Observatory, Schouwburg, and First Tulip
  • Chapter III: The Industrial Revolution and a Museum On Evolution
  • Chapter IV: Ehrenfest, Einstein, and Eugène Dubois
  • Chapter V: T-rex Trixie, DJ van Buuren, and the Dutch Royal Family in Leiden