Sorry, this event is not available anymore
until 25 November

Sinterklaas in Voorschoten

Once again Sinterklaas and the Pieten will visit the centre of Voorschoten. The complete Pieten Band will of course be there, but also Balloon Piet, Gluten-Free Piet, Dance Pieten and many other fun Pieten will join them.

Sinterklaas will arrive at around 10 am at the Kruispunt opposite the Albert Heijn. From there, Sinterklaas will move to the Schoolstraat and Voorstraat in a musical parade. The Pieten will hand out pepernoten. Do you have a gluten allergy? Then make sure you see the Gluten-Free Piet who will have gluten-free pepernoten especially for you.

In the Voorstraat, the chair for Sinterklaas will be ready on stage. Would you like shake Sinterklaas' hand, say hi or give him a nice drawing? Then come on stage through the stairs.  Furthermore, you can enjoy sports, dance and exercise with the Pieten. And Balloon Piet has once again promised to make the cutest Sinterklaas balloon creations for you.  

Please note: Sinterklaas and the Pieten will be in the centre until 12:00. 

Photography: Nelleke de Vries