Sorry, this event is not available anymore
until 18 November 2023

Arrival of Sinterklaas in Leiderdorp

The Sinterklaas parade has been a huge happening in Leiderdorp for many years. It is always a wonderful day for parents and children.

Around 100 volunteers are on hand to prepare or supervise the entry. Let's hope he comes, because his book is missing. Perhaps the new mayor can help. She will welcome Sinterklaas and join the parade through Leiderdorp.   Some of Leiderdorp's primary school kids always sail to meet Sinterklaas.   After the mayor's welcome speech, Sinterklaas and his Pieten will shake hands with the children and hand out gingerbread cookies. Once Sinterklaas is in his beautiful carriage, the parade can begin. The procession will go along the Oranje Galerij, through the old part of Leiderdorp, after which there will be a brief rest. Then he will pass shopping center Santhorst, the Baanderij and finally leave for shopping center Winkelhof, the end point of the route.