Thursday 13 June

Science Meets Business | BBQ 2024

Monthly business inspiration for scientists and science enthusiasts, topped by a yearly BBQ Once a year, to close off the academic year, SmB.

Once a year, to close off the academic year, SmB hosts a Science meets Business BBQ, where scientists, Science Based Business (SBB) alumni, students, and business professionals can mix, meet, and mingle to broaden their network, look for (people to fill) positions, learn and/or just to have fun and catch-up.


  • Researchers
  • Science enthusiasts
  • Local (and not so-local) entrepreneurs
  • Science-curious business professionals
  • SBB Alumni
  • Students of all levels who are passionate about both science and business


  • 17:30 Walk-in
  • 18:00 Speakers
  • 19:00 Networking Drinks
  • 19:30 Opening BBQ with a few words
  • 22:00 End


  • Thursday the 13th of june 2024 from 17:30 to 22:00