Are you ready to fascinate yourself during PLNT Festival?! The time has come again for the coolest event of the year. The open day: PLNT Festival! During PLNT Festival 2024, PLNT will introduce you to all the inspiring things PLNT has to offer.

Do you dare to think outside the box, beyond the framed boundaries of the ordinary? Then PLNT invites you to the PLNT Festival – An Innovative Circus! Here they unleash your imagination and challenge you to dream without limits.

The power of imagination

The 4th edition of PLNT Festival is all about imagination and true magic behind it.

So put on your festival outfit, bring your (digital) business cards and get ready for a spectacle like you’ve never seen before. And at PLNT Festival 2024, they will show you how far you can get by sticking to your most extraordinary dreams.

Get ready for a day full of discoveries, new encounters, inspiration and, of course, lots of fun! 


  • Thursday the 4th of july 2024 from 14:30 to 21:00