20 until 22 June

LIFF Summer Special


2311 SL Leiden
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Enjoy a preview of the well-known Leiden International Film Festival on Pieterskerkplein on June 20, 21 and 22! During the LIFF Summer Special, you can enjoy the best films for free and in the open air.

The program is as follows:

June 20: In the Mood for Love (1999) Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung star in this timeless film about loneliness and solidarity in 1960s Hong Kong. 

June 21: American Fiction (2023) A distinguished writer (played by Jeffrey Wright) navigates the world of publishing and racial advantage in this Oscar-winning, timely satire.

June 22: Bottoms (2023) In this absurd and hilarious comedy, high school students PJ and Josie embark on a comedic journey to get attention from the most popular girls in school.


  • Thursday the 20th of june 2024 at 22:30
  • Friday the 21st of june 2024 at 22:30
  • Saturday the 22nd of june 2024 at 22:30