EL CXUCE Tango is an international company founded in 2013 which brings together some of the best dancers in the world.

The show will feature for the first time in the Netherlands 7 dance couples on stage and will be accompanied by live music executed by SONDER tango orchestra. The public will be delighted with the quality and excellence of tango.

The exceptional cast includes:

  • Bruna Estellita & Julian Sanchez (2023 Tango Stage Worldchampions)
  • Manuela Rossi & Juan Malizia (2014 Tango Stage Worldchampions)
  • Agustina Piaggio (2019 Tango Salon Worldchampion) & the mitic Carlitos Espinoza
  • Mirella & João Carlos Santos David (2017 Tango Stage European Champions)
  • Ravenna Abdyli & Matteo Antonietti (2017 Tango Vals European Champions)
  • Gabriella Todisco & Michele Lobefaro (2013/2015 Tango Stage Italian Champion)



  • Thursday the 6th of june 2024 from 19:30 to 21:30