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This online tax webinar informs you how to navigate through the Dutch tax system, when to file your tax return, and informs you about the 30%-ruling including the recent changes.

One of the experts of ttmtax will navigate you through the Dutch tax system and answer all your questions related to filing your Dutch income tax return, when to file and which form to use (M-form, P-form or C-form).

Topics when navigating through the Dutch tax system: 

  • Intro Dutch income tax system
  • Dutch personal income tax return and fiscal partners
  • Tax deductible¬†expenses
  • Practical information (tax forms/deadline / when to file a tax return)
  • 30%-ruling
  • Questions?

ttmtaxis a full-service tax firm that combines a high level of service with competitive rates. Reliable, fast and affordable. We provide online tax advice to internationals, preparation of the M-form, filing Dutch income tax returns and 30%-ruling application. Getting your Dutch tax affairs done.