until 26 May

Australian Landscapes

Angela Robson (1973) is a visual artist from Leiden, originally from Australia and Indonesia. She paints atmospheric landscapes, seascapes and intuitive art in oils and mixed media.

Nature, especially Australian nature, is a great source of inspiration for her. Atmosphere and color are recurring themes. Her landscapes are existing places and at the same time a mix of her own interpretation of the image, love for the landscape and a wistful longing for Australia. Angela Robson is self-taught, but regularly participates in courses given by Ars Aemula Naturae in Leiden. Expressions that fit her perfectly are “Draw Strength from the Earth, and repay her with Beauty” by folk group Silly Wizard and “Whoever or whatever you are, you never stop learning”. For more information: On Instagram: a.e.i.pear Email: angela_robson@hotmail.com


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