Sorry, this event is not available anymore
until 21 March

Human Capital event: ‘Lifelong Learning’


Grand Café de Stal
Darwinweg 1
2333CR Leiden
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During the meeting on 21 March, a variety of partners will discuss where the Bio Science Park stands right now and what the plans (with you) are. During the panel the subject; 'Lifelong Learning' will be discussed in a dynamic and interactive way.

The demand for talent at the Leiden Bio Science Park exceeds the supply. How will 'Lifelong Learning' be able to change this, and what opportunities does it offer? These are some of the questions that LBSP is trying to answer within the program 'CIV (Center for Innovative Expertise) Bio Sciences' and within the project 'Ecosystem Life Long Development' from the Human Capital Agreement Zuid-Holland.

Please note that this event is intended for Human Capital responsible, education and faculty managers, expats, students, HR professionals and anyone who has LLO (Leven Lang Ontwikkeling) in his/her portfolio and is located at the Leiden Bio Science Park or has a connection with the Leiden Bio Science Park cluster.

Visit Leiden Bio Science Park's website to see the program and registration!