donderdag 21 september

Come, see what love did to me


Leidse Salon
Hooglandse Kerkgracht 17 a
2312 HS Leiden
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Concert in the theme 'Poetic dialogues'.

In the theme series Poetic dialogues, one non-Western instrument enters into conversation with a Western instrument. The duduk talks to the (forte) piano, the ney to the piano. The melodies sung in Arabic scales are understood with the plucked and bowed bass. The shakuhachi answers the harp and the Iranian percussion makes itself heard above the piano. Until recently, these concerts and the accompanying instruments were called world music concerts. But actually that term doesn't cover it all because all music is ultimately world music.


Own compositions and improvisations alternated and accompanied by Turkish poetry.


Julian Schneemann, piano
Sinan Arat, ney and poetry


  • Donderdag 21 september 2023 om 20.15 uur