New Apartment Development by De Raad Makelaars

| De Raad Makelaars

Our partner De Raad Makelaars is a real estate agent based in Katwijk (near Leiden). Their real estate office is currently developing rental apartments with projects ‘De Bloem’ in Rijnsburg and apartment block ‘De Ananas’ in Leiden. 

De Ananas, Leiden - Rental Apartments

De Ananas is a building project located near the city center of Leiden. De Ananas contains rental apartments that are expected to be available for housing mid 2023. Details about the apartments (pricing, measurements) are not yet available at this time but will be published as soon as possible by newsletter via the registration program.

Sustainable apartments

De Ananas represents contemporary living in style on the edge of the bustling city of Leiden. Style exuded by everything, from the architecture to the luxurious finish and materials. The new build apartments are warmed and cooled with a sustainable heat-pump system. There are also multiple solar panels on the roof. In the building of De Ananas, there will be a ‘laundry-bar’, restaurant, resident-only rooftop garden and more. Please see our website for more information: 

For more information on new developments check out this website. Or watch this video to experience what De Ananas has to offer.

Calla (De Bloem), Rijnsburg - Short-Stay Apartments

Another recent development by De Raad Makelaars is the service complex Calla– one of multiple apartment blocks in residential area ‘De Bloem’ in Rijnsburg (near Leiden). Calla offers fully furnished short-stay apartments available for a rental period of 1-6 months. Renting a short-stay apartment in Calla includes the use of facilities: wifi, swimming pool, sauna, fitness-area and laundry utilities.

Calla is a service complex build for senior citizens (65+). The short-stay apartments are available for Internationals above the age of 35. Please contact De Raad Makelaars for further rental information.

For more infromation about this development click here. Or watch this video to see more of Calla (De Bloem) short-stay apartments.